Physiotherapy at home

Our skilled, qualified and friendly physiotherapists can deliver treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home

Physiotherapists can help you if you’re affected by injury, illness, age-related deterioration or disability. They use techniques to improve movement, reduce pain, aid healing and help you manage your overall quality of life.

Physiotherapy at home

Our Physiotherapy at Home service saves you the hassle of travelling, parking and sitting in a clinic waiting room.

Our professional physiotherapists can diagnose and treat a broad range of health conditions that affect the structure and movement of your body. These may include musculoskeletal conditions, chronic health conditions and injuries.

Our physiotherapists may be involved in the assessment, diagnosis, planning and management of your care, along with providing education and advice to help manage your condition. They can also work alongside other medical professionals who are involved in your care.

We also aim to ensure you have the same physiotherapist throughout your course of treatment, where possible, to ensure continuity of care.

How can our Physiotherapists help?

Our friendly mobile physiotherapists are experienced and equipped to manage and treat a range of conditions in the comfort of your own home. By visiting you at home, your physiotherapist is in a better position to assess factors in your home environment that may hinder your recovery. They can also prescribe exercises and strengthening work using equipment found in your home.

Our team of physiotherapists also have the relevant experience and skills to help you recover after an operation, get you ready for your upcoming surgery, or help get you moving again after a prolonged period of being sick and in hospital.

This care may include:

  • Improvement of strength and function to support independent living
  • Implementing treatment plans and setting clear goals
  • Plans to manage injuries and minimise pain
  • Developing exercise programs (strength, balance, post-operative/injury specific rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and more)
  • Balance training and falls prevention
  • Gait re-education
  • Manual therapy (not requiring a massage table)
  • Mobility safety assessment and mobility re-training.
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I enjoy working with HealthStrong because I feel what we do is very meaningful and makes a difference to others.

Zoe Liu, Physiotherapist

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