Before we can provide any assessment or treatment, you will need to provide your consent to receive our services. Our team will take you through the details over the phone when confirming your booking. We’ll ensure that we provide you with information about our fees or any costs you might incur.

We do ask that you sign our Financial Consent form to acknowledge that you understand your obligations surrounding payment. A copy of this is kept in your confidential patient record and a copy can be emailed to you for your records.

You will again be asked for your consent to participate in the assessment and treatment when the practitioner comes to visit. Most times, verbal consent is sufficient, however, sometimes, written consent for more high risk or invasive procedures will be required. In each case, our practitioners will explain the assessment or treatment to you, provide you with information about the risks and benefits and allow you time to make an informed decision.

You have the right to withdraw consent at any time and in this case, treatment will cease.

HealthStrong practitioners will document your consent in your patient record. Any copies of consent forms will also be stored in your confidential patient record.

In the event of an emergency situation where you are ill and unable to give consent, your HealthStrong Practitioner will make necessary decisions to ensure your health and safety.

For persons under a certain age (the relevant age will depend on what State the services are being provided in), or if a person is of the age of consent but lacks the capacity to give consent, consent must be given by a parent or guardian.

For clients who do not speak or understand English, the use of an interpreter for obtaining consent is preferred. An interpreter can be organised at a cost to the client. If a client declines using an interpreter and prefers a family member, this will also be documented in your case file.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about our consent policy, please contact us.

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